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Zyger is a website design and hosting company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Zyger offers a comprehensive website solution, catering to all aspects of the web design process, including web hosting, maintenance, and marketing services. We pride ourselves on our simple and efficient approach, offering a hassle-free, tailor made service, to suit each client’s individual needs.

When it comes to website design, often people wonder “why is it so hard getting a website up and running?” The truth is it can be hard, but it does not have to be. There are many things to consider when building a website. The graphics, the layout, the template, the content, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), web hosting – The list goes on. Often the process is overwhelming, and many eventually give up. At Zyger Design, we pride ourselves on our expertise, and will eliminate all of those hard to make decisions, working out the quickest and simplest route, for each individual client. Every project undertaken is tailor made and designed to fit our clients’ needs and requirements.

At Zyger, our goal is to ensure that from the very beginning to the very end, all aspects of the projects we undertake are covered. We do our very best to keep and maintain an excellent quality standard when carrying out our various services.

There are many elements in developing a website, and let’s face it, you could at times wish you never decided to build a website in the first place. Besides crucial decision making in website design, the speed at which a website can be built is a major factor.  Zyger carries out a well-oiled approach to every project undertaken. We are website design professionals, and make certain that our clients’ needs are attended to at all times.

At Zyger, we take the time to ensure every project is completed with the highest possible standard. Zyger is truly the ultimate solution to all of your web design, web hosting, maintenance, and marketing needs.

Zyger has come a long way from it's humble beginnings, take at a look at how it all began and how it has become the preferential web and design company it is today.

The Zyger way

Our core business services are website design and web hosting, website development, and the maintenance and promotion of websites. We like to think that our unique service approach defines us, with clear and concise service packages, eliminating any confusing technological talk, and unfamiliar website jargon. At Zyger, we are invested in our client’s needs, keeping them in the loop at all phases, and taking on all of the complexities behind website design and hosting.

Zyger started out as nothing more than an idea. From what started as a simple one-off website design project, turned into a few jobs and design projects, to a full-fledged website design and hosting business. When Zyger had been established the two founding members, Zayne Isaacs and Martin Stiger, had begun by working on these projects in various coffee shops around Cape Town. As time went on and as their client base grew, the need for a work space and the idea of integrating hosting solutions for their clients evolved.

The start

“I originally just wanted Martin to develop a series of websites for my construction company, Black Bird Construction (BBCon), to help market and promote the services and products we had on offer. However, a funny thing happened, I had shown a few of my friends what we had created and designed and from there things started happening. Once a few of my friends had seen the sites we had built they asked if I could help them with theirs. Before I knew it, I had a few friends plus additional friends of those friends asking us to build websites for them.

Besides the fact that we were drawing in all sorts of new clients for Zyger, Martin and I also realised that by providing our clients with an all-inclusive web service we’d be able to help clients make things a bit easier to cope with. The idea was to have all of our client’s web based services under one roof. So for instance and in many cases clients will have their hosting company handle their hosting, emails, server requirements, etc. and a design company handling the design work for websites and graphics, marketing materials etc. These two often clash and in some situations, you’ll find that the hosting company and design company bash heads and problems a client is facing takes extra-long to solve because of the lack of communication or miscommunication or just simply because there might not even be any communication at all. With Zyger, our clients do not have to deal with those issues as we cover both aspects – design and hosting. We’ve made it a lot simpler and feel that we have created a service that can be incredibly beneficial to our clients.” – Zayne Isaacs

From just a few small clients initially, Zyger’s client base grew and grew and grew. This substantial growth lead to a team being brought together to oversee and facilitate the newly founded company. This team, however, was purely meant to handle all design based work. The next phase for Zyger was finding a solution to handling the hosting division that we wanted to set up.


umanix hosting website design app development The solution to our hosting woes was simple, find a company we can work with that specialises in hosting and web based services. That’s where the partnering of Umanix and Zyger began. The partnership seemed like the ideal solution to solving the ‘all-inclusive web package’ business model I wanted to incorporate into Zyger. Again, the whole idea behind this was to create a variety of products and services that incorporated everything a client needed to design, build and host a website as well as their emails and other web-based products.

Partnering with Umanix was the best move I could have done for Zyger, as we now had a dedicated and very talented, design focused team and a team of highly experienced technicians handling all hosting queries and issues. The greatest aspect to this though was the fact that both teams were under one roof and any queries regarding either a client’s hosting services or design work could be answered at the same time.

By aligning ourselves with Umanix, this partnership has proven to be an incredibly convenient and beneficial method for clients to design, build, host and maintain their websites.

Moving forward

Our goal is simple, to provide our clients with cost effective, efficient and simply ways to enhance their experience online and to provide the very best web based products and services possible. As a company, we want to grow as well as expand and create new and better ways for both our clients and partners to develop themselves and their businesses.

What separates Zyger from other website design companies, is not only do we design, build and maintain websites, but also provide a variety of web hosting services as well. We’re dedicated and focus on providing the very best services possible to our clients.

We can assure all of our clients as well as our strategic partners that we will do our utmost best to always look at better ways to improve how we conduct our business. We are also always more than happy to look at ideas and recommendations provided to us by our clients and partners on how to improve certain business operations, products and services.

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Design, build, develop and maintain day and night.


At Zyger, we firmly believe that simpler is better and our unique and specialized services provide our clients with an all-inclusive web experience. What separates Zyger from other website design companies, is not only do we design, build and maintain websites, but also provide a variety of web hosting services as well. We’re dedicated and focused on providing the very best services possible to our clients.


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Here are a few services Zyger has on offer

Zyger is a website design and hosting company based in Cape Town, South Africa that offers a comprehensive website solution. Zyger caters to all aspects of web based services including; website design, hosting, website maintenance and marketing services to mention a few. Zyger takes pride in it’s simple and efficient approach. We offer a hassle-free, tailor made service, to better suit each client’s individual needs.

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