Ecommerce ADVANCED


Deposit: R6000.00

Monthly package cost: R1100.00 x 12 months on an ADVANCED Hybrid-Hosting Plan

  • 5x page website
  • WooCommerce theme included
  • 1x domain registration
  • ADVANCED Hybrid-Hosting
  • 50x products included
  • 1x year SSL 123 Certificate 256 Bit
  • 10x E-mail addresses
  • 5x My SQL databases
  • Disk space – 6GB
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Web Application Firewall Included
  • ZED-2
  • ZSEO-2


Zyger’s ADVANCED website design packages are entry level business orientated website design packages aimed at small to medium sized businesses wanting to advertise their services and products online.

The ADVANCED website design package was created primarily for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as advanced bloggers. Zyger’s ADVANCED package is your first step to creating a strong presence on the World Wide Web. With a powerful marketing tool like this, you simply cannot go wrong.

Who should consider using the Zyger ADVANCED website design package?

The Ecommerce ADVANCED package is aimed primarily for:

  • Advanced bloggers in need of a solution to sell products or services online
  • Small to medium-sized businesses in need of an online solution to sell products and services digitally
Hosting Plan:


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