Ecommerce ULTIMATE


Deposit: R15000.00

Monthly package cost: R2750.00 x 12 months on a ULTIMATE Hybrid-Hosting Plan

  • 30x page website
  • WooCommerce theme included
  • 1x domain registration
  • ULTIMATE Hybrid-Hosting
  • 200x products included
  • Payment gateway integration
  • 1x year SSL 123 Certificate 256 Bit
  • 60x E-mail addresses
  • 10x My SQL database
  • Disk space – 20GB
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Web Application Firewall Included
  • ZED-5
  • ZSEO-5


Zyger’s design team combines cutting-edge functionality with mind-blowing aesthetics. If your goal is to create a mammoth sized site crammed with plenty of content or hundreds of products selecting our ULTIMATE website design package is the optimal choice.

This is truly an incredible package that offers unlimited options in terms of design, build and functionality. Our ULTIMATE offering includes absolutely everything needed to run a megastore or super-sized website. With the option to develop up to 30 pages, you can be rest-assured that you’ll be able to build an expansive site that covers every aspect, product or detail about your company.

In regard to the ULTIMATE Ecommerce offering, clients can place in up to 200 products initially. This is an excellent option for store owners who have dozens upon dozens of products they would like to promote or sell online.

Who should consider Zygers ‘ULTIMATE’ packages?
  • Large sized businesses or enterprises.
  • Companies who have large quantities of products.
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