Green Blood was initially meant to be nothing more than a fitness blog to share information with our visitors, however after a time I wanted to try to generate some sort of an income using Green Blood. In order to achieve my goal I needed to speak to the team who originally put it together… Zyger. I went to speak to Zayne Isaacs from Zyger Design and had a good, long chat about how we could implement some sort of system into the website to generate an income.
We eventually came up with the decision to create a directory section to help assist fitness businesses promote themselves online. He took his time to explain the process involved with altering the website to accept payments online and how the directory would work in detail. As soon as he finished explaining I was sold and told him to take my money.
Because of Zyger, I now have a great way to earn an additional income and do what I love doing… blogging!
Thank you Zyger for all the hard work 😉
Riana Isaacs