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Over the last few years, since the company’s establishment, the team behind Zyger has grown. This growth happened due to the fact that our client base expanded substantially. We have become a highly preferential design company and this is in many ways thanks to outstanding testimonials provided to us by our valuable clients.

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Testimonial overview

  • Shay West

    Personal Trainer

    ATTN: Zyger

    We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the incredible team behind Zyger Design. Well done guys, you have completely blown us away with your talent and design skills. We could not be any happier with the Kaiju website and brand as a whole as it is right now.
    Everything works incredibly well together and just looks brilliant. Myself and the rest of the crew here at Kaiju would like to yet commend Zyger for their skills and give a huge thank you to them.
    We give our recommendation to anyone looking to build, develop or design anything. These guys do it all and they do it in impeccable style!
    Truly yours,
    Shay West
  • Adele van Straaten

    Personal Trainer and Sales manager

    Our brand is based on that very word, we are always looking for means and ways to push forward and better than anyone else. This is exactly what Zyger represents as well and they are, without a doubt, the only company I would I’d recommend to anyone looking to develop or design anything.
    Not only has Zyger been the developers behind the Ehrgeiz website but the designers behind the fashion brand as well. Without Zyger Ehrgeiz would not exist, we are partners till the end!
    Long live Zyger!
    Adele van Straaten
  • Riana Isaacs

    Content maker and Blogger

    Green Blood was initially meant to be nothing more than a fitness blog to share information with our visitors, however after a time I wanted to try to generate some sort of an income using Green Blood. In order to achieve my goal I needed to speak to the team who originally put it together… Zyger. I went to speak to Zayne Isaacs from Zyger Design and had a good, long chat about how we could implement some sort of system into the website to generate an income.
    We eventually came up with the decision to create a directory section to help assist fitness businesses promote themselves online. He took his time to explain the process involved with altering the website to accept payments online and how the directory would work in detail. As soon as he finished explaining I was sold and told him to take my money.
    Because of Zyger, I now have a great way to earn an additional income and do what I love doing… blogging!
    Thank you Zyger for all the hard work 😉
    Riana Isaacs
  • Francis Benfatto

    Body Builder

    Hi all,
    Zyger without a doubt has been the driving force behind the Benfatto Nutrition brand since they began work on our sites. Getting the Benfatto Nutrition online system up and running was a complete technical feet. Initially we wanted to create nothing more than a simple online store to distribute our products, but what was supposed to be a simple online store transformed into a complex array of masterfully crafted sites all designed to target a specific client base. Yet another component not to forget to mention was the development of a very advanced subscription system for our members as well.
    This project was a very big task to complete but yet the team at Zyger finished it superbly. Without their efforts we would not have had our websites at the standards they are today. It is with great honor that we pay tribute and give a massive thank you to our new business partner Zyger for designing and developing Benfatto Nutrition’s entire online presence. Here’s to the future of both Zyger and Benfatto Nutrition.
    Let’s take over the World!
    Francis Benfatto
  • Adriaan Marais

    Personal Trainer

    When I went to Zyger initially I was very nervous as I had never put together a website and it had also been something I had been placing on hold for quite some time. However, after I met Zayne, the representative from Zyger, he had run me through the process of developing a website. Him and his team were great throughout the entire process and kept things easy for me to follow.
    Something that I had dreaded doing for so long but yet needed so desperately ended up being such a breeze to get through. If you are worried about developing a website get in touch with Zyger. They know what they are doing and they understand how to handle a client well.
    Yours faithfully,
    Adriaan Marais
  • Angela Gail Hudson


    The Black Bird Construction website has been a thorough success from the get go. We could not be more pleased than we are, Zyger went the extra mile to develop our website and it has turned out beautifully.
    The team here at BBCon would like to thank Zyger and it’s team for putting together such an amazing website for us. I highly recommend Zyger for all your website design and development services. What a truly remarkable bunch of designers.
    Angela Gail Hudson
  • Eduan James

    Personal Trainer

    To whom it may concern,
    Red Method has been in the planning for ages until I finally met up with Zayne Isaacs from Zyger as well as the team from Benfatto Nutrition. I still remember the day I sat with everyone and spoke about my ideas and how we’d implement them into the website. I also still remember Zayne pulling out his laptop and chatting to me about what they (Zyger & BN) were up to. They had offered me a VIP website, which was a combined team effort between the two companies to create affordable websites for agents of BN but at the same time for the agents existing business as well.
    It was brrilliant and I was hooked from the get go, I could not believe what I was seeing. It was the perfect business opportunity and it was also a way to get my Red Method website up and running. The project took 3 months in total to complete but it was worth the wait. I know have a website that not only helps my business but has also created a means to earn a passive income on the side. If there was any company I’d recommend for anyone to use as there website and online services provider, it would definitely be Zyger.
    Eduan James